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Training mode (Ex) for Physiotherapy

The Walnut Medical Walkex training mode allows patients to continue extended physiotherapy sessions at home, while the patient is still on bed. The training mode provides cyclic contraction and extension of the muscles which may accelerate muscle development and prevent spasticity in stroke and other neuro disorder patients.

What does Walkex training mode do for stroke/neuro disorder patients?

  1. Promotes neuroplasticity

  2. Accelerated knee locking

  3. Prevents muscle atrophy

  4. Reduces spasticity

  5. Increases blood flow

What muscles does Walkex work on?

Thigh muscles:

  1. Quadriceps

  2. Hamstring

Lower leg muscles:

  1. Tibialis extensor

  2. Deltoid muscles

  3. Triceps

  4. Tibialis anterior

How does Walkex training mode help in neuro-rehabilitation?

A Stroke is the result of a disturbance in the flow of blood to the brain. This can either be due to ischemia (lack of blood flow) or haemorrhage. The result of the lack of blood flow is the affected area of the brain stops functioning normally. This lack of function can cause an inability to move fully on one side of the body, difficulty with language and vision impairment. Rehabilitation post stroke can benefit from the use of muscle stimulation devices to aid recovery and help gain function for the affected individual. Gait and upper limb strength and control can be improved in post stroke patients with the use of NMES.

Research shows:

  • Overall,electrical stimulation increased strength by a standardized mean difference (SMD) of 47%and this effect was maintained beyond the intervention period.

  • Electrical stimulation also improved activity by SMD of 30%and this effect was also maintained beyond the intervention period

Electronic stimulation increases strength and improves activity after stroke. The increased strength is utilized in daily life and is therefore maintained by ongoing increased activity.

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