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Multi-Channel EMG triggered Functional Electrical Stimulation

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Multi-channel Bench-Top EMG triggered Functional Electrical Stimulation: Walkex 4035

additional option of TENS and EMS

Walnut Medical Walkex 4035 is an advanced neuro rehabilitation system designed to help hospitals/departments take care of multiple patients with neurological conditions accelerate their rehabilitation process using advanced EMG triggered stimulation technique which allows patients to accelerate neuroplasticity.

The 4035 basic version comes with:

  • two channels, EMG triggered working independently with separate wireless EMG sensors. Can be put on two separate patients or on two separate muscle groups

  • EMS: two modes

  • TENS: two modes

Clinical evidence suggests that the Walnut Medical Walkex 4035 may improve the arm function in individual chronic hemiparetic stroke patients more than in more severely impaired individuals. Functional improvements are paralleled by increased ipsilesional SMC activation and enhanced ICF supporting neuroplasticity as contributor to rehabilitation. The clinical score at inception and the presence of MEPs have the best predictive potential. Delivering low-level electronic stimulation to the nerve to enable flexion and accelerate motor recovery in addition to stimulation provided for various muscles, the system is a table top model and easy to use.

The Walnut Medical Walkex may help your patients regain natural function associated with: • Traumatic brain injury • Stroke • Spinal cord injury • Multiple sclerosis • Cerebral Palsy

Contact Walnut Medical for detailed specification, email at

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