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Wireless EMG triggered Walkex FES

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

Walkex 1035U: Single Channel wireless EMG triggered FES

Walkex 3035U: Dual Channel wireless EMG triggered FES

Accelerate lower and upper limb rehabilitation together at home

Walkex FES system is now powered with an advanced wireless EMG sensor that monitors EMG threshold of the shoulder/muscle where the sensor is put; and stimulates the shoulder and wrist to give correct wrist movement to patient in order to accelerate rehabilitation.

EMG based triggering for Upper limb Rehabilitation The Dual channel Walkex wireless EMG sensor allows the patient to open and close the wrist using the myoelectric arm concept where activation of the wrist is related to the shoulder and arm movement. As the patient tries to reach out for an object, the EMG trigger stimulates the wrist/shoulder to produce movement when needed.

EMG-triggered FES is more efficient than non-triggered FES in improving the upper limb functions in stroke patients in terms of voluntary muscle contraction and muscle strength of the affected hand. The biggest advantage of the Walkex EMG device is that the wireless sensor can be attached to the affected shoulder/healthy arm or any part of the body to produce active relearning of the affected arm unlike conventional EMG based FES systems that stimulate and monitor at the same point. Hence Walkex FES is more functional and accelerates recovery for upper limb.

Walnut Medical Walkex builds hope and motivates the patient to recover faster!

The Walkex can be used in multiple configurations, with wearable electronic cuffs and with extensions. The following videos show training of wrist movement and task based operations:

A. Task based wrist movement training using Walnut Medical Walkex for Stroke patients

B. Wrist movement patient comfort/threshold testing using Walnut Medical Walkex

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