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Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency (PEMF)

The PEM-WAVE generates a magnetic field of 3 Tesla, which is about 600 times stronger than a normal magnet bar. This strong magnetic field stimulates nerve cells, muscles, and blood vessels consequently to heal damaged tissues and bone and to relieve injury-related pain.

The human body is a good conducting medium and also conductive to magnetic fields. Since ions in a cell have a charge, the cell membrane also needs a certain charge. The membrane charge of normal, healthy cells is higher than that of diseased or aged cells, including bacteria and viruses. When the cell membrane charge is low, the cell has too little energy to perform its normal function.

Hence, cells need energy, and electromagnetic field stimulation is known to increase this energy and optimize the function of the cell. Electromagnetic fields can pass through cells, tissues, organs and bones without any deformation or loss, activate the electrochemistry of tissues, and improve cell and cell membrane function.

Clinical Indications:

 Cervical Pain  Nerve regeneration  Carpal tunnel sydrome  Rheumatoid arthritis  Patella tendinopathy  Fracture healing  Pelvic pain  Sciatica  Back pain  Frozen shoulder


Control unit Display: Coloured 10 inch Touch Screen Stimulator Display: OLED Screen (remote display) Frequency: 1 to 100 Hz in steps of 0,5Hz Maximum Power: 2.8 Tesla Rate of Change: 31kTesla/second at surface Control parameters: Primary Frequency, Superimpose Frequency, On Time, Off Time, Stimulation Power and Total Time Pre-defines Protocols: 24 Physiotherapy protocols for each joint of the body Stimulator Cooling: Liquid cooled system

PEM-WAVE 3T PEMF System Brochure: Walnut Medical PEM-WAVE PEMF

Walnut Medical Pvt. Ltd. 277 Model Town, Ambala City. Haryana 134003

email: Tel: +91-9650622772

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