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Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES)

Walkex Functional Electrical Stimulation FES

In recent years, understanding of motor learning, neuroplasticity, and functional recovery after the occurrence of brain lesion has grown significantly. New findings in basic neuroscience have stimulated research in motor rehabilitation. Repeated motor practice and motor activity in a real-world environment have been identified in several prospective studies as favorable for motor recovery in stroke patients.

Walkex is an innovation in the field of neuro-rehabilitation. Walkex combines electromyography (EMG) and physical positional data to initiate electronic muscle stimulation to prevent foot drop and reduces the number of falls in stroke, MS and other neuro disorder patients.

Stroke patient walking happily with Walkex without Footdrop.

Triggered electrical stimulation is reported to be more effective than untriggered electrical stimulation in facilitating motor recovery following stroke. Power-assisted FES induces greater muscle contraction by electrical stimulation in proportion to the voluntary integrated EMG signal picked up, which is regulated by a closed-loop control system.

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