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TURBOMED XTERN fully dynamic Ankle Foot Orthosis now available in India

Walnut Medical, in collaboration with Turbomed Orthotics Canada, launched the XTERN range of Fully Dynamic Ankle Foot Orthosis in India.

Walnut Medical shall be building a sales channel all across India with its Orthotic practitioners to be able to help patients all across India. Walnut Medical invites P&O's all across India to partner with Walnut Medical to make the XTERN available to the Indian patient population.

About the Product:

The TurboMed XTERN AFO is a revolutionary new treatment option for drop foot. It’s unique patented design acts as an exoskeleton to the impaired limb and provides the user with unparalleled levels of function without discomfort or rubbing. It attaches to the outside of footwear and is quickly and easily interchangeable from shoe to shoe.

Unlike many other AFO’s, the XTERN does not prevent ankle plantarflexion or limit dorsiflexion, making it easier and much more comfortable for patients to walk and run on slopes, stairs and uneven surfaces.

Write to us at to know more.

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