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Heel Sensor Triggered Walkex FES

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Walkex 1035: Single Channel FES for Foot Drop (Choice of Wireless/Wired heel sensor available)

Walkex 3035: Dual Channel FES for Foot Drop and Thigh (target any muscle) (Choice of Wireless/Wired heel sensor available)

Walnut Medical Walkex is programmed according to patients specific rehabilitation requirements as prescribed by Walnut Medical certified medical practitioners. The patented wearable medical device performs the following functions:

a. Trains the brain cells to perform motor functions i.e rebuilds neuro-plasticity

b. Reduces Spasticity and muscular atrophy

c. Automated functioning lets patients do parallel multi-limb rehab that may accelerates overall rehabilitation duration

d. The most important of all, builds hope and motivates the patients!

Stroke Patient walking with Walkex without Foot Drop:

Walkex being used in Training/Exercise mode:

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