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Increasing Range of Motion

Joint Range of Motions and Muscle Strength:

Range-of-motion training’s are regularly repeated movements that straighten out or bend one or more joints of the body and move them in all the directions that a body joint typically moves. The key purpose of these trainings is to keep the body joints flexible. They can aid avert joint stiffness, contractures, and joint deformities.

Range-of-motion exercises are particularly significant for prevention of joint contractures. It is at the highest when body paralysis or muscle spasticity causes ‘muscle imbalance’- which means the muscles that pull a joint one way are far sturdier than those that must pull it the other way, so that the joint is constantly kept bent or kept straight.

To avert contractures or deformities, range-of-motion trainings often need to be sustained all through life. Thus it is central that a child learn to move the affected portions of his/her body through their full range of motion as portion of work, play, and all daily activities. If the range of motion stays good, and the child appears to be getting adequate motion through daily activities, then the trainings can be done less often.

For a child who is fully paralyzed, this may mean exercising all the joints of the body. For a child with one paralyzed limb, range-of motion trainings usually only required to be done with that limb (including the hip or shoulder). VIHBRA contains exercise environments for shoulder flexion, shoulder abduction, elbow flexion, hip flexion, hip abduction, knee flexion, ankle plantar flexion range of motion exercises

Visual and audio clues are provided to the child on the target ranges (Figure 1.6).

Also daily quantification is possible through the same environment with the provision of tracking their progress at any time (Figure 1.7).

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