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Functional Reach Test

Functional Reach Test

A method and apparatus was developed for measuring the functional reach in a functional reach test and modified functional reach test was created. Significantly, the invention can control the compensatory postural adjustment or movement strategies used by the test subjects that potentially can bias the functional reach score. The invention can provide quantified measures of functional reach appropriate for comparison with the nominal scores of the medical population in which the subject belongs to and to track the balance improvement of any individual in a clinical setting. Favorably, the invention is simple and affordable and can help different medical population for an objective measure of balance in their treatment protocol

Functional Reach Test has been developed for calculating the posture limits of user/person by completing all three stages as A, B, C.

Virtual Functional Reach Test and Modified Functional Reach Test:

Postural control, or balance can be defined as the ability to control the body’s position in space for the purposes of stability and orientation. Balance is important to meet the daily requirements of life and an assessment of balance is necessary for defining treatment objectives. Functional Reach Test and Modified Functional Reach Test is a dynamic measure of balance of a person commonly performed in a clinical setting

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