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CPM (Continous Passive Motion)

Advanced Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) WM-2035 with automatic overload reverse protection


Lower Limb CPM is special for CONTINUOUS PASSIVE MOTION(CPM) of the lower limb. It is proved to be effective to increase the motion of range, ease muscle stiffness, reduce adhesion。

Scope of application : Knee, Ankle and Hip Joint

Technical feature 1. Digital circuit microcomputer control 2. Movement angle, speed and time from large LCD screen display 3. Automatic overload reverse protection 4. Knee, ankle, and hip joint are all active

Parameters and specification Model Walnut Medical (WM) - 2035 Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz Power consumption: ≤30VA Continuous working time: 0-240min Movement angle of knee joint: 0°~125° Movement angle of hip joint: 0°~90° Movement angle of ankle joint: 0°~45° Range of joint angle change speed: 1.5°—3.6°/s Left and right movement angle of the foot plate: ≥40° Certification: CE

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