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Affordable Electronic Stance Control KAFO Calipers for Polio Survivors and Spinal Cord Injury/Neuro

Walnut Medical, a leading medical devices company based in North India recently launched a range of electronic stance control with auto locking unlocking feature for Polio survivors, Spinal Cord Injury/Multiple Sclerosis patients and other patients that experience Knee buckling issues post a traumatic injury or a neuro disorder.

What is a Stance Control Knee Ankle Foot Orthoses (KAFO) ?

Stance control KAFO are calipers that have the ability to lock while the patient is standing so as to avoid knee buckling, and unlocks when the patient takes a step in order to walk. In short, a caliper that can give knee bending to patients while walking in swing phase and knee locking in stance phase is what a Stance Control KAFO is.

What is the advantage of Electronic Stance Control KAFO?

Electronic Stance control KAFO, allows automatic locking and unlocking of the KAFO without the patient exerting any pressure on the his body or without the patients interference in terms of effort to unlock.

An electronic KAFO makes it very easy for patients to walk as it reduces the total energy consumption while walking. In addition to making it easier to walk, patients are able to walk with the near same GAIT pattern as normal human walk. It has been seen that social life of patients drastically improves as patients are more confident of their walking in terms of symmetry and safety.

Does an electronic stance control KAFO come with a remote control?

Yes, there are stance control KAFO's that give a small remote control unit just like a keyless entry remote given with cars; this remote allows patients to permanently lock, permanently free, activate AUTO mode and switch off the device.

Who all can benefit from Stance Control Electronic KAFO?

Walnut Medical is making efforts to reach out to all Polio survivors across the world to educate them about the Waltronic Stance Control KAFO and make the same available at affordable rates as compared to existing company products that are unaffordable.

How can patients reach out to Walnut Medical?

Patients can write to us at or watsapp at +91-8847243172

Are there loans available on the Electronic Stance Control KAFO?

Walnut Medical is working hard to get banking and financial companies to start giving loans for essential life changing aids for patients. Walnut Medical hopes to get some institutions to give loans on advanced orthotics and prosthetics by the end of 2018

We encourage patients to write to us about their needs at

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